The sneak preview to Grindin Record’s new signee Tito’s latest video “One Kiss” which was part of the press conference to unveil the record label made us understand the grits in Tito Da Fire; he’s been around the industry from the get go not just as an artiste but also a respected media fanatic. The unveiling went as planned and the video directed by AJE Films was nothing short of excellent but for me, I felt something was missing. I was of the notion that most in the hall did not understand the depth of creativeness this artiste is operating from despite their cheers. His work ethics are breathtaking.

Some today only appreciate him for his materials like Beauty from Africa, his remake of ‘Wild Thoughts’ and now the single “One Kiss.” For me, he has been burning the charts since the 2003 release “Seun Rere” as a member of the music duo ‘Gentle Men’. That same year, alongside co-host Eyi Yemi, he gained traction as the host of Star World Chart Hit Show showing on AIT and other syndicated channels. Like most music groups of that era, Gentle Men broke up in 2006 paving the way for Tito Da Fire to release his solo single titled “Yes O” produced by OJB who also featured on the song. This 2008 release was the beginning of an excellent music journey for Tito. With a 2010 debut solo album released titled ‘Graduation Day’ featuring top A-list artistes; things have been on the rise for him.

As Tony Anifite, C.E.O of Dicotyledon Entertainment Limited, the management company for Grindin Records spoke to the press, I promised myself to sit afterwards with Tito for an exclusive interview and I got my wish. There’s so much to talk about.

Tell us about Grindin Records and why you choose to sign a record deal with them?

‘Grindin Records shares my musical vision of sharing AFRICAN music on the global stage, they are not afraid of experimenting with different sounds, and that’s where my energy comes from – creating music from that space of emotional depth, connecting with fans on a spiritual level, fusing Afrobeat with Pop, blending traditional sounds with Hip-hop and Reggae, hopefully I’ll
create a signature sound over time.’

Let’s talk about you as an artiste and the journey thus far till date?

‘Memorable journey so far, I wish I hadn’t taken the break I took after my first album. Fans have embraced my new sound. They love it and that’s heart-warming. From “Imagination” to “Beauty From Africa” and “Wild Thoughts” cover, it’s been love all the way. Fans in NIGERIA, California, Tanzania, Liberia and Uganda have shown love, and it’s spreading. As an artiste I seek to use my music to connect people, to uplift them, to make timeless memories that can live beyond me. I’m that artiste who believes that there’s no barrier to good music.’

Let’s talk about the new materials and when a full body of work in form of an album will be made available

‘Wow I love what’s in store; I have recorded some exciting materials I can’t wait to share with my fans. Right now I am in the studio working on my next body of work, my management says it will either be an EP or an album. I’ll personally love to put out an album cos it’s a space where I can bring fans into the mind of“ Da.Fire”; into my story of rising and learning, and how I
just recently got over a heartbreak which was what led me to writing “One Kiss” and how healing came to me fully after completing the track.


It is a story of heartbreak, and yearning for a kiss of life, not from the person who caused the heartbreak, you know, but generally saying a new breath of life; A re-birth at loving again; at rising again – at living again. Because for two years I fought different forms of let-downs and betrayal, both in friendships, family, business all at the same time. For example I was denied access to see my one-year old son within a 3year period, now he’s going to four years and I still haven’t got access to him, and it’s painful. But I didn’t allow that take away my joy, I filled the gap of not seeing my son with the music making process and that healed and soothed me. I promised myself not to give those who want to see me ruffled that joy; I’d rather be an inspiration to strengthen others. So I channeled all energy into creating a bright body of work, with some features that my record label would unveil in 2018.’

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