The re-emergence of a veteran singer

Tito Da Fire is back in the game to contribute his quota and change the face of the game from his own stand.

Media personality cum singer and record label executive Tito Da.Fire  returns to the game after a long spell away.

He comes fresh with new perspective and strategy, as an artist and record label owner, setting up a platform to discover and groom artistes.

Tito returns making a statement releasing the single ‘Imagination’, a record produced by late veteran producer and singer OJB Jezreel, which was closely followed by another single titledListen’.

Pulse catches up with Tito to find out what inspired his comeback, his plans for the industry and more.

Check on the conversation below.

What was it like working with the late OJB?

Inspiring. He had such a deep influence on my music and artistry as a result of his endless creative depth that robbed off on everyone around him. OJB hearing you sing the first line of a song would immediately connect with the idea and take it a notch higher.

You’ve been away for quite some time, do you think the music industry has improved greatly since you left?

In terms of global appreciation for our works, yes the industry has improved, digital distribution has in a way greatly improved and created more avenues for artistes to earn from their creativity. Piracy is still there, but its a journey and we are growing. More structures need to be put in place by government to ensure the growth is sustained cos in reality entertainment has a massive earning potential for the economy.

We are still growing the structures of the industry, however we’ve progressed.

How do you plan to win back old and new fans in this new era?

Oh, I am connecting with fans and friends every single day, through FB, twitter, Instagram and other platforms and on going basis meet and greet fans.  then of course first thing the fans want is make them happy with my music, I just released a follow up single to Imagination, which is titled “Listen (Gboran)” and the response from fans has been heartwarming,

The love they show when we see physically and online is amazing.

Then fans get to hear songs before I release them, and they at times suggest titles for the tracks, kinda get involved with me in the process. I love them.

How do you plan to grow artistes under your label Grindiin Records?

I love talent, raw creative talent, and would support real determined and talented artistes. I was in a studio some days back and saw a girl who simply blew my mind, so much energy and she could sing. That for me is one element that once there, all that’s left if little additions here and there. So I look out for such, bring them in and from there we explore possibilities. Grindiin Records has the structure and once we sign an artiste, we do what’s necessary to ensure that everyday they become better artistes, they get exposed to various aspects of artiste development.

What’s your plan for 2017?

I look forward to an exciting year of new music, new videos, collaborations, connecting more with fans wherever they are. I see a blessed year ahead. I see Da Fire.

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